SideQuik Laptop Document Holder

SideQuik Laptop Document Holder
SideQuik Laptop Document Holder SideQuik Laptop Document Holder SideQuik Laptop Document Holder
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SideQuikTM There's nothing else like it out there. 

  • It works on a laptop AND you can slide it off to work on a table top too! 
  • Holds from one to dozens of pages comfortably.  No problems with page flop.  Works great with notepads and post-its too. 
  • It mounts to the back of a laptop with gentle gel tape.  Some people call this tape "booger goo" - it's the same stuff that they use to stick a new credit card to the paper - or a lotion sample to a magazine page.  This tape is a little bigger though- so it provides a firm adhesive, yet when you remove it, it does NO DAMAGE and leaves NO RESIDUE
  • The SideQuik is designed to remain on your laptop when not in use- so you have it with you whenever you need it.  You won't forget it at home and you don't have to attach it every time you want to use it.  It's literally at your fingertips. 
  • Simply slide it to the right or left of your screen, bend the hinge to adjust to the angle you prefer and slide the papers into the clip!  Or if you are working from a notepad, simply slip the notepad over the panel with the backing behind it and the paper in front.  Binder clips work really well with the SideQuik too. 
  • If you want to use it on the table next to your computer, just slide it all the way off your laptop, bend it and set it on the table! 
  • The SideQuik is lightweight (7 ounces) and low profile (about 1/4 inch).  Even when it's mounted on your laptop, it fits virtually every laptop case on the market.
  • Works on laptops with screen sizes 12.1" - 17".  Also works on Macintosh Crystal hard cases.

Some people are really intense.  They buy 2 SideQuiks and when one side is extended, they put the other SideQuik in the other side of the channels and that gives them document holders on both sides of the screen at once!

As you can see with our other products, it can also be personalized!  SkinItTM makes several skins for it- or you can buy a pin card and upload your own image to SkinItTM for a truly custom skin!  We also sell bling, dry erase kits and many more products are on the way!

Say hello to your new best friend.

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